School for Living

Most of us are aware that our lives could be more fulfilling.  We probably have the potential to do more, feel more, help more.  We long for a fuller, richer life, but we just aren’t sure how to create it. 

This is the concern that the School for Living [S4L] addresses.

The School for Living is a resource unlike anything most people have experienced even though many are familiar with the concepts and activities.  The school is a composite of many elements:  it is a class series, a community and a deep conversation.  It uses the tools of written assignments, personal reflection, and group discussion.  The school affirms the multiple dimensions of our lives and seeks to deepen our ability to live more fully.

Who enrolls in the School for Living?
Simply….anyone who wants to have a fuller, more meaningful life is a good candidate for enrollment.  The student’s motivation tends to come from one or more of three sources.
  • Some enter the School for Living out of a wish to address a very specific concern. Perhaps they have some problem that they want to resolve because it deeply impacts the quality of their lives.  Most often this problem is a persistent pattern of conflict in a significant relationship.  And for a variety of reasons, they choose to preserve the relationship but stay stuck, unable to fix the stubborn discord.
  • Some enter the School for Living because of more general concerns, such as they don’t have much zeal in their lives.  Something is missing.  Or perhaps they are anxious or depressed.  Often they sense that life could hold greater meaning, even excitement, but struggle with how to find that meaning.
  • And some participate in the School for Living out of a sense of spiritual longing.  They know their lives have a purpose.  They may even have a clear sense of that purpose but need to ground their self-awareness in a community of fellow seekers who will provide support for further exploration.
Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?  If so, you may feel ready for taking a journey of self-development at the School for Living.  Click to see more about the curriculum of the School for Living.

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