There are three different kinds of programs offered under the umbrella of Sacred Soup.  These are the School for Contemplative Practices, the School for Living, and Gatherings.

School for Contemplative Practices

This “school” offers classes on Saturday mornings every month on the Second Saturday.  We gather by 10:00 with conversation in groups of four around the topic for the month.  That is followed by guided meditation and a talk about the topic.  We will then do another round of small group conversations [using the tool called World Cafe]. We then close with sharing in the larger group and close by to noon.

School for Living [S4L]

This “school” has a more structured curriculum.  A small group meets each week to practice the tools that are learned in the Reconciliation Workshop. The content revolves around four themes:
  • Maps for the Journey, 
  • Tools for Transformation, 
  • Individual Transformational Practice, and 
  • Communities of Care and Concern.  
More about the structure and content of the School for Living can be found on the web page of the School for Living.  Events are listed on the Calendar tab.


We will also have periodic gatherings which are not as focused on content.  These will be in the evening during the week or the weekend and will include informal evenings of discussion of video, music, and contemporary culture.  We will consider how what we are learning and practicing relate to the larger culture.  We will enjoy the artistic expression of like-minded seekers and engage each other in consideration of how this art impacts our lives.

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