About us

"Sacred Soup" is a joint project of Pilgrim United Church of Christ and the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution in St. Louis, MO.  It is the focal point for a community that gathers around a commitment to generate a deep sense of relationship to each other while intentionally meeting our own spiritual needs.  These needs include being reminded of our essential spiritual nature, being aware of the needs of Creation, and being of service to all.

One of the inspirations for the name “Sacred Soup” is the story of Stone Soup.  There are many variations of the story but the basic theme is that when we all bring what we have and share with each other there is more than enough for all.  Click on the Stone Soup tab to read a version that Mark wrote.

Another source is the fundamental awareness that the “sacred” is present at all times and in all places but that we are often not able to perceive it.  We work together to create a shared experience of the sacred in all aspects of our lives.

In order to do this we engage in two kinds of activities.  One is to learn and practice a variety of contemplative practices which help us to experience the divine.  We do this through the School for Contemplative Practices.  The second is to learn to deepen our intimacy with each other by naming, addressing, and resolving the inevitable conflicts which arise in everyday life in the context of our most significant relationships.  We do this through the School for Living.  You can learn about these and other programs from Sacred Soup by clicking on the Programs tab.

The administrator of Sacred Soup is Rev. Dr. Mark Lee Robinson.  He is the Minister of Reconciliation and Evangelism for Pilgrim United Church of Christ and the Executive Director of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution.  You can reach him at 314-853-9385 or at Mark[at]JustConflict.org.