Monday, December 7, 2015

Second Saturday

Second Saturday is sort of like a service of worship with small group discussion. We will meet in small groups to share about the topic of the day, experience guided meditation, share our personal and social concerns, and even sing a bit. The topics will respond to the issues that arise each month but the basic format is this.

January 9: Spirituality without Religion

What is spirituality? What is religion? What does it mean to be spiritual but not religious? What might it look like to be a part of a community of people who were SBNR’s?


February 13: What is Worship?

Why do people gather for what are described as Services of Worship? What would they be doing for us if they were successful? What would such an experience be like for you if it were meaningful?


March 12: Fasting and Feasting: Eating as a contemplative practice

Catholics have long avoided meat on Friday, especially in Lent. Jews have dietary laws for keeping kosher. Muslims fast during Ramadan. Nearly every religion has a tradition around what one does and does not eat and when. The central Christian form of worship remembers a meal of bread and wine. What does what we eat say about what we value?


April 9: Sin and Evil vs. Righteousness: What does it mean to be good?

We all make choices everyday which seem to be a better or a worse way to handle things. How do we differentiate better and worse? How do we know what is moral? And at what point does “bad” become “evil?”


May 14: Salvation: From What and For What?

When we are in trouble we would like someone to save us. We might even pray for help. But most religious traditions seek to transform us as persons, not to alter the course of a particular incident. In this more cosmic sense, what does it mean to be saved?


June 18 [3rd Saturday]: The Purpose of Purpose, Individually and Collectively.

Finding ones purpose is a core spiritual task. When we know what we are about our lives have meaning and as we fulfill that purpose we experience a quality of being some call faith. Not only do “I” have purpose, but so do “we.” How do we find it and live it?

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