Monday, June 9, 2014

Sufism: a guide for the Sacred Soup

School for Contemplative Practices: June 21, 2014: 10-noon

I confess that in my studies of the religions of the world I have been slow to approach Islam.  This is a lack I have lately been trying to remedy and I am interested in having you join me in this exploration.

I trust that most of you are as ignorant as I have been and so I can share what little knowledge I have gained without fear of boring you.  But when we meet on June 21 I don't so much want to lecture as to have a conversation about what we each can discover for ourselves about some of the central tenets of Islam as articulated in that more mystical form known as Sufism.

We know about Muslims that they pray five times a day, fast during Ramadan, go on pilgrimage to Mecca, and some engage in jihad.  What is the core truth that these practices reveal to us?  How can we bring these truths to play in our own lives?

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