Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Enneagram: Part Two

As our second exploration of the Enneagram we are going to hear from Helen Palmer, one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time and author of what I believe to be the definitive text about the Enneagram.  She was lead presenter at a workshop this past spring held in Boulder and sponsored by Integral Life.

I have selected portions of one of the teachings she offered at the workshop which includes a series of guided meditations.  I have watched the dvd three times now and I continue to glean new insights from it.  No matter how much or how little you know about this powerful tool for personal transformation, there is something here for you.

We will begin at 10:00 in the lounge at the north end of the second floor at Pilgrim.  The building will be open because there will be folks there starting to lay out Christmas decorations.  We will join them for lunch at noon.

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