Saturday, October 26, 2013

Enneagram redux

The School for Contemplative Practices meeting this morning went very well.  So well in fact that we are going to stay on the theme of the enneagram.  Because of the Thanksgiving weekend we are going to set forward our next gathering to the 23rd of November.  [That is the fourth Saturday and we have been doing the last.]

I you weren’t with us this morning you can still join us in four weeks.  If you want to get a running start, here is some homework.

The most accessible way I have found to identify your type is to watch these videos from Integral Recovery.  While the topic is the enneagram as a way to understand recovery from addiction, the way that Leslie Hershberger speaks about type is eloquently simple.  Just view them as you notice the resonance (or dissonance) in you.  If you have a strong emotional reaction of either sort, this may be your type.

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