Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursdays at Sacred Soup: School for Living

Mark posted yesterday his thoughts on what the School for Living is about.  In turn, Kathy offers these observations.

What do we do?

Learn new skills to help us improve how we relate to others.  We also create a supportive and quiet space where we can reflect on important things in life.

How do we learn?

Through interactive workshops.  Mark shares a concept; we discuss how it applies to relationships we have.  Most often, we each leave with a new perspective to use immediately.

Why join the group?

If you improve how you relate to others, you gain more understanding about yourself and other people who are important to you.  The more you understand, the more you become able to transform your life from daily struggles and conflicts to a loving awareness of your environment.

Everyone has conflict in his or her life.  Learning how to respond to conflict constructively makes it easier for each of us to connect spiritually.  

How is it different than Sunday worship?

Sacred Soup is less structured and more interactive.  Free discussion enables us to learn from each other, to explore concepts, to relate life experiences that may help others.  It’s a complement to weekly worship traditions.

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