Thursday, September 26, 2013

School for Living Fall Schedule

I am having trouble finding a way to state simply what we are doing with the School for Living of Sacred Soup. It is not really like anything else with which I am familiar , or more to the point, what others are familiar with. Here is my current best effort.

The fundamental premise of Sacred Soup is that we are each able to more fully live into the potential of our lives by deepening our awareness of the divine. We find this difficult but it is easier when we support each other. By bringing whatever we experience and sharing with each other we create a community dedicated to spiritual transformation.

While some practices for spiritual growth depend upon getting away from the challenges of daily life, the School for Living takes the opposite approach. Here we use the challenges of our most troubling circumstances as an opportunity for transformation. Those persistent patterns of conflict that arise in our most significant relationships become the context and the engine for growth.

This fall the Thursday evening meetings of the School for Living are dedicated to a step-by-step process for
  1. selecting an issue to work on;
  2. clarifying what we can know about what is real, what is actually going on;
  3. observing the choices we tend to make when this happens and to explore whether our choices actually create what we need;
  4. discovering with greater clarity what qualities are missing when these events arise;
  5. clarifying a way of being that has integrity (is consistent with who we know ourselves to be), power (neither avoids the issue nor tries to change things we cannot change), and moves us reliably toward what we need;
  6. finding those barriers or beliefs that stop us from acting to create what we need and then
  7. discovering the freedom to act.
With this freedom and clarity we act in ways that not only create what we need but also create what everyone else needs. These "ways of being" are a manifestation of our highest potential because they are in full harmony with the Will of God.

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