Thursday, August 29, 2013

School for Living starts September 12

Our fall season for the School for Living starts in two weeks. We will be meeting each second and fourth Thursday at Pilgrim Church in what Allen has christened the “Second floor lounge.” Access it from the stairwell in the northeast corner of the building by entering the doorway just off the parking lot closest to Kensington (away from the alley).

We will gather at 6:30, join in meditation/prayer at 7:00, and then move into the program for the evening ending by 9:00.

The Fall Program will be similar to the series we did last winter and spring in that it will focus on how we structure our relationships. Ultimately we want to deepen our relationship with God, the Divine, the Source, however we conceptualize the ultimate reality and truth. We encounter God in the relationships we build with each other and we react to others in large part out of the way we encounter ourselves. So we come into greater harmony with the All by reconciling our relationships with the Each which is a projection of our relationship with our Selves.

Over the course of the summer I have been writing a book. The book has become a web-based resource that I am developing with some colleagues. As is often the case, the work reveals new insights into what is and how to describe what is. It is those fresh insights that I want to share with you in the School for Living this fall.

I will share more as the dates approach, but for now, mark your calendar for the second and fourth Thursdays.

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