Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Apology and Forgiveness

This next installment of Sacred Soup: School for Living [Thursday, May 16, 2013] will focus on two very powerful tools for repairing damaged relationships—apology and forgiveness.

We have all had relationships which were damaged by choices we have made that hurt others or choices others have made that hurt us. Often events arise is which we hurt each other. These two tools, very similar in structure, can wield uncanny power to reconcile and transform.

But we have also witnessed “apologies” that were lame attempts to dodge accountability. And we have had people tell us that we should “forgive” but it feels as though we are expected to just “forget.” Powerful as these tools are, they can easily be perverted.

Join us to see what a really good apology is like and to see how forgiveness is not about letting the other off the hook, but about participating in our own healing.

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