Saturday, April 27, 2013

School for Contemplative Practices: Living Insight Center

On Saturday, May 4, 2013 the School for Contemplative Practices will meet at the Living Insight Center on Clayton Rd. near St. Mary’s Health Center. I encourage you to visit the Center’s really excellent and comprehensive Web site.

We will meet at the Center at 10:00 or you can park by 6454 Alamo and we can walk up together. Jack Sisk, the founder and director of the Center will lead us on a tour of the various rooms and we will have a chance to feel the qualities of the various artifacts and objects collected there.

We don’t have a plan for lunch but there are twenty places to grab a bite within walking distance. Those who wish can eat and talk after the tour.

Friday, April 26, 2013

School for Living: Statement of Accountability

In the current series of offerings in the Sacred Soup: School for Living we are working on how we can best discover those choices that are available to us which build healthy relationships. From time to time we have each made choices that damage our relationships. We do things that harm those we care about the most.

On May 2 the School for Living will discuss Discipline #7: A Statement of Accountability. To prepare for this bring to mind choices you have made that are harmful to others which you regret. Sift through them and try to select one to work on. These choices can teach us about ourselves in ways that help us not only repair damaged relationships, they also help us grow in ways that make it less likely that we will continue to cause harm.

Monday, April 15, 2013

School for Living: ACE

This Thursday, April 18, 2013, we are beginning a series in the School for Living on the Practical Disciplines of Creative Conflict Resolution.

When conflicts arise we want to have in mind a way to respond that will move us toward what we need without making the other lose, indeed, without depending on the other changing at all.  It is very hard to have a new way to respond when we are caught up in stress and anxiety about the conflict with someone important to us.

Since these conflicts are ones which arise from time to time, we can anticipate they will arise again, we can create a new response, and we can then evaluate and adjust our response for the next time this comes up.  ACE is our acronym for Anticipate, Create, and Evaluate.  This is the fundamental framework for our more creative response to conflicts in significant relationships.  Hope you can join us to learn more.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Listening Through the Body as Prayer:

Remember this special event tomorrow.  Rhonda has a beautiful spirit and deep wisdom about listening to our own bodies.  Many of us are not comfortable in our own skin so this offering in the School for Contemplative Practices may be a bit challenging to get to but you will have a wonderful time if you can make it. 

There will be a light vegetarian lunch to follow.  More at the Calendar tab on or at this link.

Signing up for Sacred Soup

While most Sacred Soup events are open to those who just drop in (though it would be nice to know you are coming) the Gathering on April 27 to hear Jack Sisk of Living Insight play the crystal bowls is one you need to sign-up for. 

The event will be at the Living Insight Center in an upper room that houses the dozen bowls.  There is only limited space so we can’t just move in another chair.  There is a suggested donation of $10 but I think you will want to offer more.  The donations are the primary support for the Center and for Jack.

To hold your spot, go to and click on the Calendar tab.  Scroll down to the event and click the Sign Up button. 

While you are there you might just sign-up for any other events you are planning to attend.