Monday, March 25, 2013

Listening Through the Body as Prayer:

We are super excited to announce that our School for Contemplative Practices offering for April will be presented by Rhonda Mills who is on the staff of the Big Bend Yoga Center and host of the Transformation Playground.  She has constructed this event especially for us but is incorporating aspects of her program that she teaches routinely.
April 6, 2013: 10:00 to Noon with lunch to follow at Pilgrim, 826 Union, 63108.

Transformation Playground Learning Playshop

You’ll discover that everything you need truly is inside you, untapped and yet available in every moment when you know how to be listen inwardly and include breathing and gently moving your body to facilitate your transformation.  Come with an issue, a fear, a goal, a dream or an aspiration.  Whatever you choose, if you are willing, the playshop process bring greater awareness to what is going on in your subconscious mind regarding the issue or goal, and support you to connect directly with your inner wisdom to discover what new learning or direction is emerging for you and through you. 

At the Learning Playshop, we will: 

· Learn and do a breathing practice which acts on the mind and nervous system (balancing, centering, strengthening)
· Locate the body sensations related to core feelings and presence the feelings directly vs. cognitively
· Learn and practice breathing and creative joint play to create a feeling of well-being and harmony in body, breath, and mind.
· Learning a breathing and movement-based game to discover and shift your fear signature. 
· Combining simple breathing and movement as you presence your issue or goal to discover what new learning or new direction is emerging through you and for you.

Wear comfortable clothing that does not inhibit deep breathing or gentle seated and standing moving and stretching.  Registration for the event is $15 and covers a light lunch to follow.  A donation is invited for the teaching.

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