Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Hold on Passion:

We are meeting for the School for Living this Thursday for a guided conversation about the second discipline of Creative Conflict Resolution, the Anger Workout.  This will build on earlier conversations but you needn't have been to them to benefit from the discussion.

It has been three weeks now since we talked about the Bothers Me Log.  While we will talk about our experience with that discipline, I don’t want anyone to be embarrassed about not having done it consistently.  I will be surprised (though delighted) if anyone has been able to do it more than half the time.  As I said, it is too simple to be easy.  If you weren't at the last session or you need a refresher you can review at this link.

There are two reasons why we want to get a hold of passion.  One is that when we are overwhelmed by strong feeling we are likely to make choices we will regret.  The other is that when we try to do new things that will work better for us, the feelings we have about trying something new or addressing something we have been avoiding will throw us off and we will fail to act the way we intend.  Strong feelings can get in the way of right action.

On the flip side, right action can often be really hard to manifest.  It is often action done in the face of strong opposition.  We will need a lot of energy to overcome our inertia and act.  A primary source of the energy we need to be able to act is from the strong feeling itself. 

So we will be looking at how we can harness the energy inherent in strong feeling to propel us to act in ways that generate what we need without acting in ways that are harmful to others.

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