Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Next Offerings in the School for Contemplative Practices

I am working on lining up next presenters for the Saturday sessions and came across a series of books from a publisher called Skylight Paths.  They have a series of books about various practices and it has expanded my vision… no maybe more like exploded my vision of what we might be doing.  There are a dozen different practices I never even thought of.  Running as a spiritual practice… fasting… use of herbs… bowing… loving-kindness… forgiveness… hospitality… haiku… dance… the list goes on and on.

In addition, we have in our group someone with experience with a form of divination using tarot cards and I have some experience with the I Ching.  There are many many options of where we can go.  I have an investment in this developing along whatever lines we choose collectively.  I am following up leads on Lectio Divina and Yoga as a Spiritual Practice but I want to be sure I am leading where folks want to go.

So, question #1, “What practices are you most interested in learning about?”  And question #2, “What practices are you interested in teaching to the others in the School?”

One last consideration for the moment:  I think Jon Yaffe made a good effort to get us talking to each other about our experience with meditation but I found myself curious about why we were each there and where we are coming from.  So my inclination is to do the next session on Contemplative Prayer as that is something that I feel confident to teach.  I would like to use that topic as a way to help us get to know each other better.  Less teaching… more discussion. Give me some feedback on that idea.

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