Monday, November 12, 2012

School for Contemplative Practices: Winter Spring 2013

Tentative Schedule of Events for Winter-Spring 2013

January 26: Contemplation and Meditation – Presenter: Jon Yaffe
Jon Yaffe has practiced Insight Meditation since 1999 and been a Dharma teacher with the St. Louis Insight Meditation Group (SLIMG - since 2006. A student of Matthew Flickstein (who produced the "With One Voice" documentary we watched recently), he has completed two of his intensive programs: Teaching as a Form of Practice and The Two Year Training. In addition to his teaching with SLIMG Jon has been on the Board of Directors of Mid America Dharma (MAD - since 2005, currently serving as President.
He leads meditation groups regularly for SLIMG, recently taught a 10 week committed practice class on "Right Speech" and leads retreats for both SLIMG and MAD on an annual basis. He is especially interested in the ability of meditation and Dharma practice to alleviate intense emotional distress. He has created and is refining a program at the Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital to bring these skills to veterans recovering from PTSD.
Basic cost is $15 with a request at the event to donate for the teaching.
To sign up, click here.
Future Events
February 23: Chant
March 9: Lectio Divina (reading scripture with heart and imagination)
April 6: Embodied Spirituality (Qi Gong, yoga, labyrinth walking)
May 4: Contemplative Prayer (Centering Prayer)
June 8: Intentional Intimacy

All events are on Saturdays and begin at 10:00 and include a light lunch in the dining hall at noon.

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