Thursday, September 20, 2012

Depicting Sacred Soup in visual images

I have been giving considerable thought recently to how we promote and explain Sacred Soup.  As I have stated elsewhere, Sacred Soup is not really very much like anything else of which I am familiar.  When describing it to someone I can't say, "oh, well, it is pretty much like this other thing that you know of."  I have been trying to beef up this site so that it says more and says it more clearly.

Early this week I was at a retreat at which the presenter is a sculptor who is especially skilled at simple bass relief depictions of Biblical scenes and stories.  He is Charles McCullough and a UCC pastor.  You can see examples of his work here.  I am going to discuss with him the possibility that he might fashion one of his works around the theme of Sacred Soup.  We could then use the work in part and in the whole as visual way to tell what we are about.  I invite you to explore his site and offer feedback.

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