Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day

This coming Sunday Pilgrim has a Father's Day lunch following morning worship so we will not be serving soup. Also, it was pretty warm in the chapel last week. I really worked at getting the chapel cooled off last Sunday but by the end of the meeting it was up to 81 in the room and still. Maybe having a few fans to stir up the air would help, but we are expecting it to be 95 Sunday afternoon. So...

We are going to take it to the park. There is a pine grove in Forest Park at what would be 729 South Skinker. You can park on Skinker just south of the light at Rosebury and walk uphill until you see the pine grove. I was going to link to a map but all you have to do is go to Skinker and Rosebury and walk uphill and head for the tallest and densest grove of pines.

We will gather at 1:00 and have a somewhat different worship than has become our custom. We have been exploring various contemplative practices (silent meditation, chant, guided meditation, lectio divina…) but we have not done much with sacraments. This Sunday we will explore the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, of the Eucharist. Sarah is bringing the wine and Mark is baking bread. While we won't actually plan on a full meal, you may want to bring something to share. There are a couple of benches in the pine grove which are quite comfortable or you can bring a blanket or chair.

In two weeks we will be at Pride Fest in Tower Grove Park. I suggest we gather at the Gateway OnA booth and find a place to meet from there. The week after that is July 3 and we may want to assess who will be available to meet. Stay tuned.

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