Friday, May 20, 2011

May 22


Our fourth gathering of Sacred Soup will be Sunday.  One of the things the planning team identified as a point of growth was the structure and content of the Word portion of the service.  We want to move to it being more of a discussion than a sermon.  Last week was a bit more preachy that I would have liked because we had to accommodate the demands of the Confirmation Class.  I would like to swing in the other direction this Sunday and have very little structure for that part of the service.  Instead I would like to just throw it open to discuss what we are looking for in that part of the service.

Just to plant some seeds, let me say that what I intend by that part of our time together is to build a language by which we can speak to each other with clarity about our own spiritual life.  I want us to be able to understand some core distinctions in ways that allow us to know how we may be in harmony with each other and to identify when we are not.

See you Sunday.

P.S. Anyone want to bring the soup?  I have several loaves of bread.

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