Saturday, April 2, 2011


You are invited to join us for
Sacred Soup
a contemplative celebration of conscious connection in Christ

We first gather physically in the chancel of Danforth Chapel at Pilgrim Church for a simple but hearty lunch of soup and bread.  Thus fortified we gather ourselves emotionally and spiritually through meditation and chant, summoning the Peace of Christ and sharing that with each other.

We then open ourselves to the presence of the Word in the scripture of the canon and the other sources of God’s Speaking as the Spirit makes known to us.  We share that Word and interpret it to each other through preaching and conversation.

Thus fortified by material and spiritual food, we give our thanks by entering into covenant with each other for the ways we are in service to each other in harmony with and expression of God’s will for us.

We meet most Sundays with lunch set out shortly after noon and meditation beginning at 1:00.  Following our worship, the Sacred Soup team will meet to plan the service for the following week.  You are invited to stay and offer your gifts towards our common life.

Central to our worship is the conviction that we are called into relationship, not just with the divine presence, but with each other.  Indeed, it is through deep relationship with each other that we come to know the Spirit.  Having an ability to be profoundly present to ourselves and, at the same time, deeply present to each other is what we understand it means to be “In Christ.”  We seek in community with each other to build relationships which are safe and satisfying…which are deep and durable.  We invite you to join us.


Contact person: Rev. Dr. Mark Lee Robinson, 314-853-9385 [mobile]

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