Friday, April 8, 2011

Qualities of "Sacred Soup"

While specific aspects of the worship and the community which gathers for it are yet to be revealed, these are some qualities we are looking for.

Simple:  Our  worship is as uncluttered as we can make it. 
  • Gathering: We gather first physically as we share in the nourishment of simple food.  We then gather spiritually as we slow our thoughts and open our awareness to each other and to our deepest selves. 
  • Opening: We then seek to deepen our awareness of the divine in our midst as we reflect upon scripture in its many forms. 
  • Offering: Finally we collect the resources we have been given and dedicate ourselves for service to each other and the will of God.

Integral:  While seeking to keep our common life simple, we acknowledge that reality can be quite complex.  We will discard nothing to create a false sense of harmony.  All things, all thoughts, all people, all perspectives have a place.

Christian:  Even as we are appreciative of all paths, we each can only walk one path at a time.  We follow in the Way of Jesus whom we affirm as the Christ.

Sensory:  Even as we seek a deeper apprehension of our divine nature, we relish and give thanks for the gift of our lives and the richness of sensory experience.  We seek to deepen our worship through graphic art, dance, music, touch, taste, and smell.

Liturgical: Generations have found paths to connect to the divine presence through observing the rhythms of nature and creating and participating in rituals to heighten our awareness of events both natural and historical.  We will let those generations teach us even as we create our own rituals and discover our own rhythms.

Progressive: Everything that lives grows.  Our faith is alive and we dare not smother it by trying to keep it in old wine skins.  God is still speaking.

Pentecostal:  Emotion is not the enemy of reason but the product of deep connection.  We seek to both deeply feel and fully express the movement of the Spirit in and through us.

Mindful: In a culture which always urges us to do more and more, we honor the gifts that come as we seek to simply be.  We listen to whatever arises in our awareness as an expression of Spirit worthy of our attention and then listen to the silence without expectation.

Relational: The most precious gift and the hardest discipline is the  creation and reconciliation of deep and durable relationships.  We relate to individual others in fellowship.  We relate collectively to the larger community through mission.  We relate to the sacred Will for all life through our openness to transformation.  God is Love.

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