Monday, April 18, 2011

News of the Planning Team

The Sacred Soup planning team met Sunday evening at the home of Carol and Brien and we noted the following:

Mark and Mark have removed the bolts from the benches in Danforth Chapel and stacked some of them in the corner and arranged the rest in a circle.  We still need to pull the bolts out of the floor.  The ones in the tile in the chancel came out fairly easily but the ones in the concrete floor in the nave are harder to remove.  If we can’t take them out we will cut them off.  In order to finish protecting the floor we will fill the holes with epoxy filler dyed the color of the tile.  We also have a lot of cleaning to do.

We are planning on starting May 1.  We won’t have everything in place but, since we want the input of those who gather, not having everything done invites participation.  We will have soup and bread and we will be able to worship with each other.

We discussed the concerns of the Council in the conversation preceding the vote to allow the use of Danforth Chapel.   We affirm that we are fully a part of Pilgrim Church and want to avoid even the appearance of being a splinter group.  To solidify this message:
  • ·         We link to the Pilgrim Home Page on our blog at
  • ·         We want the Council to approve our application for a trademark for the name Sacred Soup to be owned by Pilgrim.
  • ·         We want to routinely report to the congregation about our activities so that nothing appears secret or separate.

Moving forward we have some plans for further renovation of the chapel for our use. These include:
  • ·         Suspending lighting above the central table
  • ·         Adding a counter for serving soup, bread, and beverages
  • ·         Adding comfortable “living room” style seating in the back corners for casual conversation
  • ·         Putting down area rugs and hanging banners and tapestries to deaden the echo
  • ·         Mounting a video and sound system for viewing movies, short videos, PowerPoint, background music, and other AV resources including items from the Internet
  • ·         Adding lighting to the narthex to use it as display space

We think we can do much of this with donated labor and furniture but we will probably spend up to $5,000 on the renovations.

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